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The Model 901 Signal Light Gun is the world's first hand-held, cordless signal light gun. It combines light weight, composite construction with easy push-button lamp activation and colour selection. An integral sight provides fast, accurate aiming. The Model 901 Light Gun also contains a fibre optic display which quickly and safely shows users which colour they have selected. Battery-powered operation and robust design ensure reliable, trouble-free operation and long life. light gun 
The Model 901 Signal Light Gun rests on the Model 951C Charger base when not in use, thereby keeping the internal battery at full charge. A spare battery is maintained simultaneously. The auxiliary charger incorporates a user-selected conditioning cycle which reconditions the battery-significantly extending its life. The charger may be wall-mounted, or simply sit on a table top. 

The Model 901 Signal Light Gun can also be powered from an external power supply through a connector mounted at the bottom of the handle. 

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The Model 901 Signal Light Gun is in use by more than 50 civilian and military agencies worldwide. Click here for a list.

Signal Light Gun Model 901 Specifications

VISIBILITY RANGE  up to 6.6 km (3.6 nm) under clear daytime conditions 
LIGHT COLOURS  Red, green and white (standard aviation signalling colours) 
LIGHT INTENSITY  200,000 candelas at light beam centre 
WEIGHT  1.95 kg (4.3 lb.) including battery 1.35 kg (3.0 lb.) using the auxiliary power cable (battery removed) 
LIGHT CONTROL  Intermittent or continuous operation activated by colour-coded, back-lit push buttons 
POWER  13.2V, 1.8A, Ni-Cad rechargeable battery or 14V, dc-10A adapter and external power supply 
LAMP  15V, 150W 
The design and construction of the Model 901 Signal Light Gun are based on the United States Federal Aviation Administration FAA-E-2214a specifications.

Light Gun Charger Model 951C Specifications

POWER  90-130V ac, 180-260V ac, 50/60 Hz (auto-select) 
SIZE  30 x 15 x 25 cm (11.5 x 6 x 10 in.) w/h/d 
WEIGHT  7.25 kg (16 lb.) 
CHARGE TIME  Approximately 1 hour 
OPERATION  Main and auxiliary charger: automatic charge and charge maintenance modes 
Auxiliary charger: user-selected microprocessor-controlled discharge, analyse and condition modes 
STATUS INDICATION  Main charger: red/green LED 
Auxiliary charger: multi-function LCD

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